Warning signs

Left-hand bend
Slippery road surface 
Loose chippings 
Risk of falling stones 
Pedestrian crossin 
Cyclists and moped riders on the carriageway
Ski track crossing
Bridle path crossing
More than one bend, the first to the left 
Road works 
Road works end 
Traffic lights
Low flying aircraft 
Dangerous side winds 
Two way traffic 
Soft shoulder or high road edge
Road junction where vehicles joining from side roads have duty to give way 
Steep hill downwards 
Slow moving vehicles
Horse-driven vehicles
Off-road motor vehicles 
Traffic jam
Railway level crossing with barriers
Railway level crossing without barriers  
Junction with tramway 
Distrance to railway level crossing  
Railway level crossing with more than one track
Railway level crossing with single track  
Steep hill upwards 
Other danger  
Road narrows on both sides 
Opening or swing bridge
Uneven road 
Warning for speedbumps

Source: Swedish Traffic Agency