Prohibition signs

C1 No entry for vehicular traffic 
C2 No vehicles
C3 No motor vehicles
C4 No motorized vehicles with more than two wheels
C5 No motocycle and moped class I
C6 No motor vehicles coupled with a trailer
C7 No goods vehicles
C8 No tractors or motorised equipment class II 
C9 No vehicles carrying dangerous goods
C10 No bicycles or mopeds class II
C11 No mopeds class II
C12 No horse drawn vehicles
C13 No off-road motor vehicles or off-road trailers
C14 No horseriding
C15 No pedestrians
C16 Restricted vehicle width
C17 Restricted vehicle height
C18 Maximum permitted length of vehicle or vehicle train
C19 Minimum distance between motor vehicles
C20 Gross weight limit of vehicle
C21 Gross weight limit of vehicle or vehicle train
C22 Bärighetsklass
C23 Axile load limit
C24 Bogie road limit
C25 No left turn
C26 No U-turn
C27 No overtaking
C28 No overtaking ends
C29 No overtaking by HGVs 
C30 No overtaking by HGVs ends
C31 Speed limit
C32 Speed limit ends
C33 Stop at customs post
C34 Stop
C35 No parking
C36 No parking on odd dates
C37 No parking on even dates
C38 Date parking

C39 No stopping

C40 Loading area
C41 Loading area ends
C42 Vändplats 
C43 Slut på vändplats
C44 No motorized vehicles with studded tires

Source: Swedish Traffic Agency